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Better your Vietnamese with stories for language learners. All stories have a translation in English and voiced by native speakers.

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Have you always wanted to learn a new language like Vietnamese? Or have you started learning it but found yourself hit a stone wall? If so, then this blog is for you!

Learning Vietnamese language is considered very difficult. But it’s not as hard as you could think! You might be intimidated by the difficulty of pronunciation, but you will be very surprised as Vietnamese has a very simple and understandable grammar.

Learning a language develops cultural and employment opportunities. Everyone has their own goals: to travel without a dictionary, to set up a business, to build a strong family or to enter a good university. It's all real, whatever the path to the goal.

Text Stories are a good way for beginner or intermediate learners to practice their reading or listening Vietnamese language skills through the use of small interesting texts voiced by native speakers. All texts have English translations.

Tips for optimal learning

1. Make learning a habit. Don't learn more than 1 hour a day. Learning a little, but effectively is much better than learning poorly, but a lot.

2. Speak more. Make native-speaker friends. Vietnamese are very friendly, so it won't be a problem. Do not be afraid if you are not understood, start with simple phrases.

3. Travel more, enjoy the beauty of the country, relax on the sea, talk to strangers. Here are some useful phrases:

4. Learn the main pronouns according to the person's age or gender. This will help build more friendly relationships. Bạn and Tôi are not always appropriate, but still allowed for foreigners. People will be very pleased to hear the correct pronoun.

5. Watch Youtube. Listen Vietnamese music. Try to recognize known words and enjoy the melody.

6. Set Vietnamese as your main language on a computer and a phone.

7. The main tips is DO NOT learn hard, make learning simple and easy. Do what you love ♡.

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